Business networking group meet-ups in Hornchurch, Essex.


Come along and join us, if you haven’t done so already, in our relaxed, non-clicky, friendly and open environments where you can have a chat, introduce yourself and your business over a drink and walk away feeling motivated and ready for the next level of your personal and business development.

Join us now to connect and be inspired!

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Meet-ups are £10 if pre-booking or £15 on arrival. Alternatively you may wish to join our B-VIP membership programme where your meet-up fees are included along with a host load of other benefits. Full details coming soon.

We also would like to encourage you to bring samples of your product(s) where possible. Having visuals helps others to understand your business and your product(s) more. Many of us are small businesses, with a limited budget and almost certainly do not have a sales force. Being at a Biz’ee Network meet-up means that other attendees become your natural salesforce. So don’t loose out on the opportunity to expand your “team”!

The meet-up will be at The Drill.
Please note that all attendees should purchase their own drink with the venue on arrival. Should a drink not be required a £2.50 cover charge will be requested.

Brentwood Road


Your Hornchurch Manager


Currently being covered by our Biz’ee Team members but seeking a motivated individual, who loves to networking and build a business. 

If this is you, please do get in touch.

Sharon Hawkins
01268 921079

Currently Represented Trades in Hornchurch


If your trade is listed below unfortunately we already have a member representing that trade at HORNCHURCH. You can try to see if your trade is available at another one of our locations or alternatively we do hold a waiting list. If you would like to join the waiting list please email with your full name, trade and contact number/email we’ll then be in touch as soon as the place has become available.


  • Home Fragrance
  • Design | Print & Embroidery | Websites | SEO
  • Tropic

Next Meet-up Dates in Hornchurch

You can select which meet-up(s) you’d like to attend and book early to save £5 by pre-booking. Bookings close at midnight the day before the meet-up to due to take place. Should you miss this or prefer to pay on arrival this is fine too and a fee of £15 will be charged by the manager. Payment on arrival is by cash although we do also accept PayPal or card.
For further information please see our Terms and Conditions.

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