Format of Meet-up

What can I expect?

Networking meet-ups for business men and women in Hornchurch, Essex


What to Expect: Format of Meet-ups


7.15pm – 7.30pm
Arrival – Grab yourself a refreshment direct from the venue and take your seat and relax before we begin promptly at 7.30pm.

7.30pm – 7.40pm
Meet & Greet including introduction and any news from Biz’ee Network.

7.40pm – 8pm
Mini-Intro’s Buzz Round 
Who you are, what’s your business, what you are looking to gain from the meeting/group to help you in your business, any particular clients you are looking for etc -handing out of marketing literature/business cards.

8pm – 8.20pm  (Followed by a short rest break)
Business Spotlight from a B-VIP member
#AskTheExpert Guest Speaker Session with Q&A’s

8.30pm – 8.40pm
A session where you can speak to another attendee in more detail. In just 10 minutes (5 minutes per person) you will be able to discover more about each others business and ways in which to support each other either by collaborations, referrals, or general support.
Of course we also encourage everyone to arrange to meet with other(s) outside of the meeting at a mutually convenient time.

8.45pm – 9pm
Close of Meeting & Open Networking

We also would like to encourage you to bring samples of your product(s) where possible. Having visuals helps others to understand your business and your product(s) more. Many of us are small businesses, with a limited budget and almost certainly do not have a sales force. Being at a Biz’ee Network meeting means that other attendees become your natural salesforce. So don’t loose out on the opportunity to expand your reach.