B-VIP Terms & Conditions


1. The B-VIP programme fee is based on ALL meet-up fees and benefits for a full consecutive 12 month period.

2. The B-VIP programme is strictly one trade per individual and must be for the trade stated on the agreement.

3. Attendance:
a. B-VIPs are expected to attend all meet-ups to keep the entitlements of a B-VIP. Your attendance will be monitored and should attendance fall below satisfactory levels exclusivity privileges may be removed. Miss 2 consecutive meet-ups and you will receive a notification; miss 3 consecutive meet-ups and you will loose all B-VIP entitlements without notice.
b. Should you be unable to attend a meet-up notice must be given to the manager of that meet-up as soon as possible.

4. Please do not post your absence for a meet-up on social media prior to the meet-up as this often results in others posting their absence and can deter other members and visitors from attending the meet-up.

5. In December no meet-up will take place.

6. Should any physical networking meetings cease to exist Biz’ee Network shall review and assess the entire package given and the stage of the programme which you are at and if possible offer another available location. Where this this not possible, a pro-rata refund may be issued. Each case will be assessed individually and a decision will be made by the management team, this decision will be final.

7. Biz’ee Network reserve the right to add, remove or amend any of the above terms to ensure the smooth running of the network. Please check the website for any changes.


1. The agreement and all benefits which form part of the B-VIP programme will be valid for a 12 month calendar period from the date of signature. By signing the agreement it is understood that a full 12 month commitment is required.

2. Meet-ups fees for your chosen location(s) are included in the B-VIP fee.

3. All payments are pre-payment in advance by cash, BACs or PayPal.

5. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

6. Should your payment default or be cancelled then you will revert back to the standard attendee price at each meeting and all B-VIP benefits will cease immediately.

7. A 30-day renewal notice will be issued prior to expiry date of agreement, in which you will have a 14 day notice period to notify us of cancellation. If no cancellation notice is received then your agreement will be continue to a new 12 month agreement, and a renewal form will need to be completed.


Biz’ee Network reserve the right to review an individual’s membership at any time and make fair and informed decisions whether to continue or cease the agreement. This would include, but not be limited to, etiquette as a B-VIP.

At Meetings

a. Arrive on time.
b. Honour venue requirements re: buying a drink or making a contribution.
c. Be respectful of the venue staff and premises.
d. Turn mobile devices to silent/vibrate. If you need to take a call please leave the room quietly.
e. Be respectful of other members spotlight/pitch (do not talk through it)
f. Be mindful and adhere to your 60-second pitch time.
g. Welcome new business women to the group. Include them in conversations pre-meeting and throughout.

At All Times

a. Promote only the business you have signed up under as a B-VIP at all times. If you have an interest in a secondary business and wish to promote to other attendees or B-VIPs outside of the meeting this must not overlap a fellow B-VIP’s trade.

b. Use polite and professional language at all times.

c. Follow up on new leads (and don’t forget to thank those who refer you).

d. Keep 1-2-1 appointments.

e. Be helpful. This builds trust and relationships.

f. Anything posted/said within the Biz’ee Network B-VIP Secret Facebook Group page must strictly be kept within the select group and not copied/pasted or shared in any other form be it online or in person.

g. Proactively seek business opportunities and support for other B-VIPs.

h. Introduce contacts to Biz’ee Network to grow the network further.

i. Respect all B-VIPs and Biz’ee Network as a networking group and speak positively at all times.

j. Should there be a reason for complaint this should be addressed directly with the individual concerned or if about Biz’ee Network as a network with one of the management team. See below for Complaints procedure.


In the first instance raise the complaint in writing to your location manager preferably via email so a log of the complaint can be kept. If unresolved or you are unable to contact the location manager please contact Sharon Hawkins (Founder of Biz’ee Network) where all evidence will be examined in order to resolve the issue for the good of all parties concerned and where Biz’ee Network’s decision will be final.


Biz’ee Network is part of the Biz’ee Networking Group.